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Hi, I'm Iljitsch van Beijnum. These are my publications.

Internet Routing with BGP, my new e-book, is now available from Amazon, Apple and Google

The book is now available through Amazon in Kindle format, Apple Books in EPUB format and the Google Play Store in PDF and EPUB formats. The price is US$ 9.99 or € 9.99 (or similar in other currencies).

Full article / permalink - posted 2022-11-18

→ Typing my way down the mechanical keyboard rabbit hole with the Drop CTRL

Eight years ago, I wrote Why I use a 20-year-old IBM Model M keyboard for Ars Technica. And now, after a slight (well, five-year) hiatus, I have a new story on Ars, about my new mechanical keyboard.

Permalink - posted 2021-03-08

Report IPv6 security

Prepared for Surfnet

Permalink - posted 2014-03-14 - 🇳🇱 Nederlandse versie

RFC 7059: A Comparison of IPv6-over-IPv4 Tunnel Mechanisms

S. Steffann, I. van Beijnum, R. van Rein
November 2013

Permalink - posted 2013-11-30

Preparing an IPv6 Addressing Plan

English translation by the RIPE NCC of the Dutch version written for Surfnet by Sander Steffann and me.

Permalink - posted 2013-09-30 - 🇳🇱 Nederlandse versie

The NAT64/DNS64 tool suite for IPv6 transition

Marcelo Bagnulo, Alberto García-Martínez, Iljitsch van Beijnum
IEEE Communications Magazine, July 2012

Permalink - posted 2012-07-30

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